1. What do we do at OHLA STUDIO?

Operating in the space between architecture and conceptual design, OHLA STUDIO shapes formal aesthetics with a minimalist palette to design spaces that feel wholly contemporary. With training across architecture, ecology and visual art , we are able to channel a diverse range of influences into each project, from conception to completion. Whether in the context of a sweeping countryside estate, an oceanside villa or a pied à terre in the heart of the city, our goal is to create singular and timeless designs with an artist’s eye. OHLA STUDIO ha projects in the United States, Italy and Mexico.

2. How do we work?

Our Design Process is structured 4 phases:

Immersion – This is where we get to know our client, the team, and identify the project goals.

Vision – We believe that elegance and comfort should continue beyond the walls of architecture and extend into the garden. We design all of our projects with a detailed appreciation for a sense of place: scale, proportion, symmetry and balance. The result is that each project is in harmony with its environment and the architecture it supports.

Design Development – Once the concept is approved, we move forward with design development until even the smallest detail is defined; we find the resources, we gather the proposals, we review options until the final selection is made and a detailed budget is approved. We tumble a rock into a gem and put price on it during this phase.

Execution – We realize that in order for our designs to reach their true potential, a project vision must be led through each stage of the planning and construction process. Details are everything to us and our standards are exacting. By reducing the clutter and confusion that often accompany installation, we are able to execute the highest level of detail. Our project leadership in on hand to guarantee clarity and order at every stage, both with the visible and unseen levels of infrastructure.

3. What type of projects does Sin Nombre engage with?

We engage with projects from around the world that advance the discourse in design, art and architecture. Our projects are interdisciplinary collaborations sensitive to history and local culture. We believe in dissolving borders that traditionally divide projects. Our products include but are not limited to: the design & building of homes & commercial indoor/outdoor spaces, landscapes, furniture, ceramics, sculpture, painting, music and a diverse array of other installations, exhibitions, events and experiences — as well as combinations of the above.

4. I would like to visit or stay at Sin Nombre. How can I do it?

To visit our space, please enter this link and submit a date and time within the available ranges. We will get bach to you as soon as we can to confirm your request.

Our Stays hospitality program is temporarily available under invitation only. Soon, we will be open for reservations. Please send us an email with your contact details at info@ohlastudio.com or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with the latest happenings.

5. I would like to collaborate or participate with a project at for Sin Nombre / I’m an artist and I would like to exhibit inside the space?

Are you an artist, creator, writer, producer, photographer, etc? Do you want to create a project with OHLA STUDIO at Sin Nombre? Email us at info@ohlastudio.com and share your idea with us.

Our Stays hospitality program is temporarily available under invitation only. We will however open for reservations soon. Please send us an email with your contact details at info@ohlastudio.com or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with the latest happenings.

6. Is the house available for Events or Photoshoots?

Please email info@ohastudio.com to explain the nature and extent of your event so we can evaluate the possibility of creating it. Sin Nombre is always looking to work with talented and inspiring groups or individuals from all over the world.

7. Sales

Because all of our products are handcrafted, lead times are estimated between 6 to 8 weeks. All furniture pieces are Made to Order. Lead times begin when full or half payment is received. All formal quotes are honored for 1 month.

8. COM / COL

For orders requiring COM/COL a swatch is required for approval prior to production. Please email info@ohlastudio.com for any questions regarding fabrics.

9. Returns and Exchanges

Due to the handmade nature of our products, no returns or exchanges are permitted for both lighting and furniture. All damage claims must be written and sent to OHLA STUDIO within 7 business days after receiving the item.

10. Press inquiries

Please send us an email at info@ohlastudio.com with your contact information and any relevant information about your inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.